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High Density Library 2.4TB
High Density Library 2.4TBHigh Density Library 2.4TBHigh Density Library 2.4TBHigh Density Library 2.4TB

HDL24 - 2.4TB High Density Library

Item #: HDL24
Retail Price: $6,590.00
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New HIT HDL24 optical Blu-ray Library 


HDL24 features :

  • desktop NAS archive appliance
  • Industry standard Blu-ray technology
  • Industry standard UDF file system
  • 2 standard professional Btu-ray drives
  • standard archive grade Blu-ray media, 100GB BO-R
  • online capacity: 2 cartridges with 12 media each
  • unlimited scalability


NAS Blu-ray archive solution


The HDL24 by HIT is a compact desktop appliance offering a complete network solution for permanent, long term storage of digital media assets such as video, audio and photography, as well as digital documents and  records for medical, government, manufacturing and business applications.

It offers an unprecedented value in capacity and cost. It is connected as a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and  utilizes data cartridges offering 1.2 T8 capacity each as file folders in a standard CIFS Share. Applications and users can store data as if it were on a standard NAS system. Interchangeable cartridges provide unlimited permanent data archive storage, supported by the offline management capabilities of the library management software. All at a system price which is lower than many stand-alone LTO tape drives.


Interchangeable 1.2TB Optical Cartridge System


The HDL24 is part of the High Density Library (HDL) Series of cartridge based optical Libraries with capacities up to 864 TB. Each interchangeable cartridge permanently (WORM) stores up to 1.2 TB of data on archival grade optical media to provide the most reliable long term storage technology available. Each cartridge has its unique RFID which allows database search and tracking of  each Cartridge by its contents. The HDL24 stores 2 cartridges On-Line (2.4 TB) and supports off line storage utilizing the cartridge RFID. The cartridge also displays the RFID in barcode and alphanumeric characters. Additional Cartridges are available to expand as your data volume continues to grow. Additional media Cartridge capacity is priced at less than $.12 per gigabyte.


Management Software by PoINT®


PoiNT Jukebox Manager® software provides all of the utilities for naming cartridges and assigning shares, caching and recording of media, and tracking of cartridge contents and location. A database of every file and folder is maintained and searchable. A Windows user interface provides for sharing of archive folders which can then be written using standard file system interfaces including CIFS, NFS, and Windows. A Search feature locates any file or folder by Cartridge Name and RFID. Exchanged Cartridges are recognized and files may be accessed immediately upon insertion to the system. The system includes 2 TB of raided HDD caching which provides a seamless interface to the file system while also preventing accidental loss of data. PoiNT Jukebox Manager is widely used in Professional Archiving applications and provides the most advanced "optical file system" for the most reliable storage of your data..


Total Data Cartridges On line 2
Total Data Cartridges Off line 2
Cartridge Data Capacity (100GB Media) 1.2TB
Near line Data Capacity (100 GB Media) 2.4 TB
Optical Drives 2
Drive Type Blu-ray 100GB
Disc Load Time (Avg .) 5 sec
MSBF 5 Million exchanges
Motherboard Fanless Mini ITX
Operating System WIN 7 Pro
Interface NAS / Gb Ethernet
Hard Disc 2x 2TB as RAID 0,1
Software PoiNT JB Manager
File System NTFS, NFS, CIFS
Media Format UDF Standard
Operating Voltage 100-240 VAC
Power Consumption Peak 60W
Power Consumption Average 30W
Weight (wI Full Media) 20kg
System Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 198x267x542
Cartridge Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 138x22x140

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