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HomeUDO Media & DrivesUDO2 60 GB Compliant Write Once (5 discs)
UDO2 60 GB Compliant Write Once (5 discs)
UDO2 60 GB Compliant Write Once (5 discs)UDO2 60 GB Compliant Write Once (5 discs)

UDO2 - 60gb Compliant Write Once (5)

Item #: 8811
Retail Price: $375.00
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UDO Media

  • True Write Once Media - Can not be altered or erased.
  • Compliant Write Once Media - Same True Write Once media with the added ability to physically destroy individual records that have expired.
  • Rewritable Media - Will allow archive data to be erased and rewritten..
  • Estimated 50+ year life.
  • High capacity 30gb and 60gb.
  • Complies with industry and government regulations for immutable storage.
  • UDO media can be easily transported for offsite Storage.
  • Barcode labels provide automated identification and tracking of individual pieces of media.

Part No: MAM8811
Manufacturer SKU: UDO60CWX5
Description: Compliant Write Once
Capacity: 60GB (Double Sided)
Sector Size: 8KB
Cartridge Size: 5.25 Inch
Recording Layer: Phase Change
Rewrite Cycles: 10,000 (Rewritable Media only)
Certification: ISO/IEC 17345, ECMA-350
Packaging: 5ct. package
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