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UDO 30 GB Drive Cleaning Cartridge
UDO 30 GB Drive Cleaning Cartridge

UDO - 30gb Drive Cleaning Cartridge (1)

Item #: 8823
Retail Price: $144.00
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UDO Media

  • True Write Once Media - Can not be altered or erased.
  • Compliant Write Once Media - Same True Write Once media with the added ability to physically destroy individual records that have expired.
  • Rewritable Media - Will allow archive data to be erased and rewritten..
  • Estimated 50+ year life.
  • High capacity 30gb and 60gb.
  • Complies with industry and government regulations for immutable storage.
  • UDO media can be easily transported for offsite Storage.
  • Barcode labels provide automated identification and tracking of individual pieces of media.

Part No: MAM8823
Manufacturer SKU: 160-101300-00
Description: UDO Cleaning Cartridge
Cartridge Size: 5.25 Inch
Certification: ISO/IEC 17345, ECMA-350
Packaging: 1ct. package
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